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Who Can Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The question of who is performed gastric sleeve surgery has recently become one of the most frequently asked questions to physicians dealing with obesity and metabolic surgery. The reason for this is; Gastric Sleeve Surgery is becoming more widespread and the prejudices related to surgery are decreasing.

This popularity causes anyone with excess weight to investigate sleeve gastrectomy among the public. I will try to enlighten the subject of gastric sleeve surgery in the light of the latest scientific developments.

Tube Stomach Surgery Obesity Surgery

The indications for obesity surgery were first published in 1991, after a consensus meeting, in line with the opinions of experts who are experienced and considered experts in the field. The decisions taken at that time are as follows. Obesity surgery can be applied to people with a body mass index of 40 kg / m2 and above.

Apart from this, if the person’s body mass index is over 35 kg / m2 and has concomitant diseases related to obesity, it is a candidate for obesity surgery. So what are these comorbidities;

Type 2 diabetes (type 2 DM), hypertension, sleep apnea (a disorder in which breathing stops during sleep) and weight-related joint disorders (osteoporosis – bone resorption and cartilage problems).

These patient selection criteria are the parameters currently used when deciding on bariatric surgery. Of course, the following question comes to mind; Has there been no change in these criteria, which were accepted about 27 years ago? Because in the last 30 years, there have been many developments and technological advances, especially in laparoscopic (closed surgery) surgery.

In other words, these surgeries can now be performed much more comfortably and safely. In recent years, this issue has been discussed frequently. And as a result, the 35 kg / m2 limit has been gradually lowered, especially in the presence of type 2 diabetes.

These surgeries were recommended for type 2 diabetic patients of Asian race with a body mass index over 27.5 kg / m2, first at 32.5, then on the 30th, and even in the last meetings. So, has the answer to the question of who is performed sleeve gastrectomy in obese people without diabetes changed?

Change in Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There was a statement of the American Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Association in 2012 on this subject.

People with a body mass index of more than 30 kg / m2, who cannot lose weight permanently with diet and exercise programs and who have concomitant diseases such as weight-related high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and deterioration in blood fat ratio are candidates for obesity surgery.

As a result, patient selection criteria for bariatric surgery have started to change in recent years. It is also likely that new consensus will be formed in the near future.