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Preoperative Period

Preoperative Period preparation period in bariatric surgery for morbid obesity is more comprehensive than in other surgical procedures of general surgery. In general, the preparation process is as follows:
1- First of all, your medical history is thoroughly reviewed by your doctor and a comprehensive evaluation process begins. The tests are started with a comprehensive blood analysis. The possible endocrinological causes of obesity are also investigated in blood tests (suppressed cortisol level and thyroid hormones) and, if necessary, an endocrinologist is consulted.
2- The endoscopic evaluation of the inside of the stomach is absolutely performed before the surgery. In the presence of a possible ulcer or polyp on the stomach’s incision line, the surgery is postponed after the treatment.
3- The cardiovascular system and the respiratory system, two most commonly affected systems by morbid obesity, are evaluated in detail before the surgery. Respiratory function tests are performed by a pulmonologist to assess lung capacity. Echocardiography is performed by a cardiologist to assess cardiac functions.
4- After all tests are completed; patients are evaluated and prepared for the surgery by an anaesthesiologist.
5- The night before the day of surgery, a blood thinner injection is administered and the patient is admitted to the hospital in the morning with at least 8 hours of fasting.
6- Besides all these, there is a special group in bariatric surgery for morbid obesity. We give a special diet program, called “shock diet” in the clinic I worked in the USA, 10 days before the surgery to patients with a body mass index of over 50 kg/m2 and especially to patients with fat in the waist region. By this means, liver fattening is reduced and the surgery is technically performed more easily