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Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery; Can I get pregnant after obesity surgery (stomach reduction-gastric bypass)? And will my baby be as healthy as normal women? questions are among the concerns of many women of childbearing age.

First of all, many female patients become more fertile compared to their pre-operative condition even after a 10-15% short-term weight loss after surgery. It should be kept in mind that birth control pills are safer / effective in overweight women, and it may be more beneficial to use condoms / condoms or intrauterine devices / spirals instead of birth control pills to provide birth control in the slimming process.

Menstrual periods and periods can be very irregular and you can get pregnant at an unexpected time. So, what is the best time for pregnancy after stomach reduction and gastric bypass surgery. Many groups say this period is 12-18 months.

Getting pregnant after stomach reduction and gastric bypass significantly reduces the risk of many pregnancy-related diseases such as pregnancy diabetes, pregnancy high blood pressure, thanks to weight loss.

Perhaps most importantly, children are less likely to become obese in the future due to the interaction of certain genes in fetal life (life in the womb). The eating habits of children depend on family habits as well as genetics. Remember! Whatever your child sees from you, he or she will apply it in the future, and this includes eating habits.

Assoc. Dr. Toygar Toydemir

Obesity-metabolic surgeon