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Postoperative Period

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The post-operative period is evaluated in two different stages: early and late.

The early period is completed within 1 month with hospital stay in the postoperative period, discharge and gradual diet program. Since bariatric surgery is performed laparoscopically, postoperative pain is quite less.

As a result of the laparoscopic technique, the majority of patients experience a distressing and throbbing pain in the chest and abdomen on the first night. 48 hours after the surgery, the pain alleviates enough in the majority of patients so that no use of painkillers is needed.

Nausea on the first postoperative night is a common condition seen in almost half of patients. The most probable cause is the reduced stomach and oedema in the incision line of the stomach. It is taken under by using anti-nausea drugs administered intravenously.

The sensation of nausea also alleviates and recovers following 48 hours, just like pain, so that no use of medication is needed. On the third postoperative day, patient is discharged. Afterwards, a gradual diet program is initiated.

Sketchily, on the first week the clear liquid food, on the second week viscous liquids and soups, on the third week mashed foods and after the 4th week normal diet is initiated. After this period, the diet is carried on under the supervision of a dietician.

It is important to fill the reduced stomach with nutritious foods. Instead of carbohydrates and fats, a protein-based diet is essential. For example, instead of filling the reduced stomach with a half plate of meat pasty (Turkish type ravioli), eating 2 meatballs contributes to rapid and healthy weight-loss.

In the late postoperative period, follow-up of patients in terms of vitamin and mineral is important. Generally, patients undergo check-up with blood tests in the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 12th postoperative months. In surgeries causing malabsorption, such as gastric bypass, lifetime vitamin and mineral supplement is required.