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Nutrition After Stomach Reduction Surgery

Nutrition after stomach reduction surgery is one of the most important parameters determining how much weight patients who undergo these surgeries will lose and whether the weight lost will be permanent. Patients who undergo surgery often compare themselves with other patients who have undergone these operations.

And it is obvious that each patient has different weights. While some patients can lose 40kg in the first 6 months, someone who has the same weight can lose 25-30 kg at the same time.

The key point in nutrition after stomach reduction surgery is protein-based nutrition. In this way, the protein, which is the building block of the muscles, will not be lost in the rapid weight loss phase, and the weight lost will only be from body fat.

Nutrition after gastric reduction surgery, the genetic background of the person and whether the person does physical exercise after surgery are the three most important elements of this difference between these mistakes.

In gastric reduction (tube stomach-sleeve gastrectomy) surgeries, the stomach volume is reduced by approximately three-quarters and thus early satisfaction is provided. It is very important how we fill the reduced stomach after surgery.

We can fill the shrunken stomach with one or two meatballs, a piece of chicken breast or a small fish, as well as a slice of pizza, a slice of pita or a piece of pastry.

If pastries and sugary foods with high carbohydrate weight are consumed instead of foods such as meatballs, fish, chicken, etc. with high protein weight, it becomes difficult to reach the ideal weight and, more importantly, to lose weight permanently.

There are dietitians in the teams that are heavily dealing with obesity surgery. After completing the first month after surgery, dieticians adjust your diet by adjusting protein weight and calories.

As a result, diet after stomach reduction surgery is extremely important in terms of permanent weight loss and ideal weight reduction. Protein-based nutrition by calculating calories under the control of a dietician is one of the key points of success after stomach reduction surgery.