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Bariatric Surgery

  • Postoperative Period..

    Your new life starts here The post-operative period is evaluated in two different stages: early and late. ..

  • Preoperative Period..

    Preoperative Period preparation period in bariatric surgery for morbid obesity is more comprehensive than in o..

  • Biliopancreatic Diversion/ Duodenal..

    It is one of the procedures that has been started to be performed in the 1980s and is still performed today. J..

  • Omega Loop Gastric Bypass (Mini Gas..

    How is mini gastric bypass performed? As in other bariatric surgery procedures, mini gastric bypass is also p..

  • Roux-N-Y Gastrik By-Pass..

    Roux-N-Y Gastrik By-Pass (RNYGP) is currently the most common bariatric surgery performed all over the world, ..

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy..

    Sleeve Gastrectomy; Although bariatric surgeries have been practiced since 1990s, the sleeve gastrectomy techn..

  • Gastric Band..

    Gastric Band; In 1983, a Polish surgeon Kuzmak, MD described a new method for surgical treatment of obesity an..

  • Who are Eligible Candidates for Bar..

    Bariatric Surgery; First of all, the treatment of obesity is diet and exercise. Weight loss with personal diet..

  • General Information on Bariatric Su..

    Bariatric surgery is the second most commonly performed laparoscopic surgery after cholecystotomy in the Unite..